County Clerk May 7, 2019 Election

An election will be held for in the City of Stanton, the City of Greenville and the Township of Crystal.  Positions, Candidates and Ballot Wording can be found at the links below.

Crystal Township  *Note:  Fire millage wording updated on 9/27/19
City of GreenvilleCity of Stanton

November 5, 2019 Election Results


An election will be held in Centralm Montcalm Public School and Montabella Community Schools Districts.  Ballot wording for each district can be found on the links below. 

Central Montcalm Public School

Precincts to report:  Bushnell Twp., Day Twp., Douglass Twp., Evergreen Twp., Sidney Twp and City of Stanton.
Montabella Community Schools
Precincts to report:  Day Twp., Douglass Twp., Home Twp and Rolland Twp  (Blanchard American Legion)
Tri County Area Schools
Precincts to report:  Pierson Twp., Reynolds Twp, Winfield Twp,  Nelson Twp., Solon Twp., Croton Twp, Ensley Twp.

August 6, 2019 Election Results

An election will be held in Lakeview Community Schools District, Tri County Area School District and Vestaburg Community School District.  

May 7, 2019 Election Results

Lakeview Community Schools Proposal
  Precincts open election day:  Belvidere Township Hall, Cato Township Hall (all Hinton Twp Lakeview Voters will vote here), Douglass Township Hall, Maple Valley Township Hall, Pine Township Hall (one Montcalm Township voter will vote here), Winfield Township Hall, Spencer Township Hall (Kent Co), Millbrook Township Hall (Mecosta Co)
Tri County Area Schools Proposal   Precincts open eletion day:  Maple Valley Township Hall, Pierson Township Hall, Reynolds Township Hall, Winfield Township Hall, Nelson Township Hall (Kent Co), Croton Township Hall (Newaygo Co), Ensley Township Hall (Newaygo Co)
Vestaburg Community School Proposal    Precincts open election day:  Ferris Township Hall (all Day Township/Vestaburg voters will vote at Ferris Township Hall) and Richland Township Hall (all Fremont Twp (Isabella County), Seville Twp (Gratiot County) will vote at Richland Township Hall)