County Clerk 2004 General Election Information
For a complete look at the ballot for your jurisdiction click on the link below. All local ballot information has been added to the Secretary of State's Publius web site. Simply type in your name and you will be directed to your local jurisdictions November 2, 2004 ballot.

Within the Publius web site instructions for Montcalm County's new voting system, the ES&S M100, can also be found. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new ballot style prior to entering the polling place on election day. 

For a complete listing of all State, County, Township and City candidates click on the documents below.

For a complete list of all polling locations click on the document below entitled Polling Locations. 

Any election related questions can be directed to Kristen Millard, Montcalm County Clerk, by either email at or by calling 989-831-7339.

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