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Stanton Fire House History
The history of the Stanton Community Fire Department is filled with many changes; most notably the locations in which they have called home.
During the 1960’s the fire department was housed on N. Camburn St, where there is a parking lot on the north side of the alley today.  Firefighters were alerted to fires by what was then called the” fire phone”. A few firefighters had phones in their homes that rang whenever someone reported a fire and would respond to the station to get the equipment.  The first firefighter at the firehouse would activate the “fire whistle” signifying to the other firefighters there was a fire and the last firefighter out the door would shut it off.   Soon after, the Sheriff’s Department took over receiving the fire calls and they activated the fire whistle.  The roof on this building eventually had collapsed and the fire department was forced to move.
In the 1970’s, the Department of Natural Resources  had a building located at the corner of Lincoln and Main streets where the Chemical Bank Lot is located  today, so the fire department moved into this building. They also acquired a DNR plow truck for use during the wildfire season.  At about the same time, the Plectron system came into service. This system allowed the Sheriff’s Department to alert all of the firefighters at the same time of calls for assistance.
Around 1974, the Stanton Junior High closed their doors and relocated to its current location.  The Junior High School was located where the current City Hall has been built while the gym and band room were located where the fire department now resides. The fire department moved to this location between 1976 and 1978. In fact, part of the original school structure makes up the entire firehouse.  The north end of the firehouse was remodeled and housed City Hall for a few years before moving to Main Street. Today, that area of the building serves as the meeting room and office for the fire department.
The Stanton Community Fire Department has eighteen (18) paid on call firefighters that respond to the firehouse when there is an incident needing our services.  While we are available twenty four (24) hours a day and there might be someone at the firehouse, the fire station is not staffed like a larger metropolitan fire department may be.  Our firefighters have full-time jobs and leave their primary employment and families to respond to a fire call.  Our average response time to the firehouse is less than five (5) minutes and ten (10) minutes to most anywhere in our response area.
This page last updated on 6/22/2009.

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