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Stanton Firefighters, Inc.
The fire department established a non-profit community orientated group for citizens who wanted to help the fire department and the firefighters protecting the community.Realizing that not everyone wants to respond to emergencies, there were people who wanted to help.Being a member of the Stanton Firefighters Inc group allows community people to help with fundraising efforts, public education, fire prevention and other duties that are just as important as fighting fire.The group meets once a month to discuss the needs of the fire department and firefighters and develops plans to fulfill as many obligations as possible.
Through the efforts of the organization, they have purchased a pickup truck for use during wildfire season, uniforms and badges, on-board battery charger systems for both fire engines, and provided funding to pay for firefighter training programs.
Some of the events the group sponsors include car washes, bake sales, spaghetti suppers, pancake breakfasts, Stanton Old fashion Day Celebration, Firemenís Parade, and many other activities that improve the overall operation of the fire department and their firefighters.
This page last updated on 6/22/2009.

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