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Special Acknowledgements
Stanton Fire has three(3) Office of Fire Fighter Training Council certified Fire Service Instructors that are eligible to teach Firefighter I and II programs in the State of Michigan and for the Montcalm County Fire Academy. 
The Chief is listed as one (1) of the five (5) Fire Service Officers who will man and operate the County Emergency Operations Center in the event of large incident or disaster.  The Chief also serves as Vice President of the Montcalm County Fire Chiefs Association coordinating and developing programs, policies, procedures and overall organizational awareness for the fire departments operating in Montcalm County.
Health/Safety Officer Ed Petersen is serving a term on the Montcalm County Firemen’s Association as the President coordinating membership recruitment and retention, program development and promotional concepts.
Several firefighters also serve on other fire departments such as Greenville department of Public Safety and Montcalm Township Fire as well as on the Montcalm County Specialized Emergency Rescue Team (S.E.R.T.) and Montcalm County Emergency Services Rescue Division.
Our fire personnel believe in being involved with as many community related aspects and activities as possible that include CPR and First Aid Instructors, committee members on local and State boards, local non-profit organizations such as American Legion, Boy Scouts, church groups and a group called the Stanton Firefighters Inc.
This page last updated on 6/30/2010.

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