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Human Services

This section generally contains services which offer assistance to address people's problems or alleviate their needs. Such services include assistance programs, employment and training, legal assistance and mediation services, housing, pantries, support groups, transportation, and others. 


Counseling services are located under "health care."


Click on a map icon or an organization name below for more details. Note: All organizations listed may not be shown on the map.

Greenville, MI 48838
Hours: See information below

This group is facilitated by Alpha Family Center. Contact them at (616) 225-2265 for additional information.   


Alpha ministers in grace and truth to women suffering from past abortion decisions. Using Biblical principals, support is available for women who seek healing and hope for their future.


Groups are usually formed when three or more persons express interest; however, if a group is not currently running, a peer advocate can meet with someone individually.  

Deb Thorton
Club Director
Montcalm County Area , MI
(616) 754-4218
Email: 2boo@sbcglobal.net
Hours: Meet monthly for social outing- contact Club Director for more information
County Extension 4-H Youth Educator
Michigan State University Montcalm Extension
211 W. Main
Stanton, MI 48888
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 308

Stanton, MI 48888

(989) 831-7500
Fax: (989) 831-7515

For Montcalm County 4H Fair Association Information, visit www.montcalm4-hfair.com

Ila Collins
5199 Pine St.
Cedar Lake, MI 48812
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 66

Cedar Lake, MI 48812

(989) 427-3876
Email: cedarlake@misda.org
Hours: Tuesday mornings from 8:30a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Free clothing distribution. A program of Cedar Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

The Montcalm County area has many AA groups and they overlap into different AA service regions. Use website above to find local meetings and contact information. 


The Monday edition of the Daily News (Greenville) publishes a listing of the week's support group meetings.

Karen Marsman
Executive Director
705 N. Hillcrest
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 225-2265
Fax: (616) 225-2267
Email: greenville@alphawc.org
Karen Marsman
Executive Director
705 N Hillcrest
Greenville, MI 48838
Fax: 616-225-2267
Email: greenville@alphawc.org
Hours: Call for hours of operation and to make an appointment.

Individuals must be enrolled in the “Earn-While-You-Learn” parent education program in order to receive items (i.e. infant/toddler clothes, baby food, formula, cribs, car seats, etc.).

Earn-While-You-Learn Parent Education program is a unique program allows individuals to work on basic parenting skills, prenatal care, and financial responsibility. By participating in the program, individuals earn "Alpha Bucks" redeemable for diapers, baby food, cribs, clothing, and other necessities.

Maria Robertson
Greenville Area Senior Center
715 South Baldwin Street
Greenville, MI 48838
Hours: 1st Thursday of the Month from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

This group encourages caregivers to maintain their own personal, physical, and emotional health while caring for those with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

Crystal Parish
Community Development Director
129 Jefferson SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Fax: (616)364-6451
1050 Fuller NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Fax: 616.235.2355
Email: info@ggr.redcross.org
The toll free number also serves as a 24 hour emergency phone number. Services include Services to Armed Forces- Brad Dorland, Program Director.
Susan Sheppard
Program Manager
Grand Rapids, MI
(616) 451 3001
1279 Cedar NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Fax: (616) 456-5692
Email: AAAInfo@aaawm.org
456 Cherry St
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(800) 466-8084
Fax: 616 458-7113
Email: abvi@abvimichigan.org
Cheri Cramer or
Ruth Ann Thayer
(989) 831-5261
Hours: Runs once a month at the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District

Group has speakers, parent time, and serve as support and referral for all of our parents. Call for more information.

Judy Hardy
Trinity Evangelical Free Church
400 N. Lincoln
Stanton, MI 48888
(989) 831-5728
Hours: Tuesdays from 11:00am- 3:00pm and 5:00- 6:30pm

It is for families with children under the age of 4 who need assistance with diapers, formula, baby equipment, and clothing.


No appointment is necessary. Identification is required. Proof of birth is required.  


The Baby Pantry also accepts donations of gently used clothing in sizes 0-4T and other baby items that are in good repair.

1031 S. Johnson Rd.
Gowen, MI 49326
(616) 984-5442
Hours: Thursdays from 2:00-5:00 p.m.

A food and clothing ministry of St. Thomas and Settlement Lutheran Churches. Provides for emergency food and clothing needs. Open on Thursdays.

Jim Otto
215 S. Main
Sheridan, MI 48884
(989) 291-0000
Email: cmccoffice@casair.net
Hours: Mondays from 9:00-11:00 a.m.

This pantry offers basic household and personal cleaning items to those in need.  Donations of toilet paper, paper towel, laundry soap, laundry bleach, bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, dish soap, disposable razors, all purpose cleaner, toilet paper, and paper towel would be greatly appreciated.


A limit of 8 boxes per week will be issued. Reservations can be made for them by calling the church office at 989-291-0000. First come, first serve, based on availability. Families can request one per month.

Shirley Pool
9640 N. Miles Rd.
PO Box 72
Six Lakes, MI 48886
(989) 365-3264

Call for appointment.

Spectrum Health United Memorial Conference Center
615 S. Bower
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-6185 x100
Hours: Call for information and to register
Leah Talaski
203 S. Lafayette St.
Greenville , MI 48838
(616) 225-1515
Fax: (616) 225-1513
Email: bbbsgm@cmsinter.net
Cliff Chamberlain
3213 Walker Ave NW
Grand Rapids, Mi 49544-9775
United Lifestyles
701 S. Greenville West Drive, Suite 1
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-6185
Dan Petersen
c/o EightCAP
904 Oak Dr.
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-9315
St. Mary's Parish
404 N. Division St.
Carson City, MI 48811
Mailing Address:

Carson City Area Community Food Program

P.O. Box 166

Carson City, MI 48811

(989) 584-6044
Email: smsjchurch@cmsinter.net
Hours: Every Tuesday from 10:00am- 12:00pm at St. Mary's Parish in Carson City

Those receiving food must be residents of the Carson City -Crystal Area School District and may come once a month for food. At least six area churches provide food or money to purchase food from a variety of resources including Second Harvest Gleaners. Donations are always welcome. Monetary donations and non-perishable food items are accepted. 



406 N. State St.
Stanton, MI 48888
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 480

Stanton, MI 48888

(989) 831-8306
Fax: (989) 831-8309

Toll Free Phone: 1-800-589-8184

Janet Bloomfield
Vice President for Employment Training
904 Oak Dr.
Greenville, MI 48838
Fax: (616) 754-9310
Sheryl or Joby Hyman
Mt. Pleasant , MI 48858
(989) 621-5697
Meets on the second Sunday of the month at 3 p.m., at McDonalds on the corner of Pickard Street and Mission Road in Mt. Pleasant. Please call first.
Bob Clingenpeel
Executive Director
613 N. State St.
Stanton, MI 48888
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 212

Stanton, MI 48888

(989) 831-7476
Fax: (989) 831-7485
Karen Morales
1220 N. Lafayette
Greenville, MI 48838
We have a small rummage shop in the back of the building on the South side.  We have clothes, household items, old computers, we get bikes every now and again. Freezer, dishwasher, vacuums, blankets.  Bookcases, books, desks.  A little bit of everything. This is for the community, and we asked a small donation for each item other than clothes- we ask $2.00 donation per bag. 
Faith Baptist Church
315 Greenville West Dr.
Greenville , MI 48838
(616) 754-8384
(989) 235-4208
Hours: Second Saturdays from 9am-12pm
Clothes can be dropped off that day or can call church to make arrangements; leave phone message if no one is there to answer your call. The service is for anyone, no restrictions.  
Michelle Seigo
609 N. State St.
Stanton, MI 48888
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 278

Stanton, MI 48888

(989) 831-8400
Fax: (989) 831-8496
Kim Christensen
Diabetes Outpatient Program Coordinator
c/o Sheridan Community Hospital
301 N. Main
Sheridan, MI 48884
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 279

Sheridan, MI 48884

(989) 291-3261
Email: kchristensen@sheridanhospital.com
Karen Raymor
Transit Supervisor
215 E. Fairplains
Greenville, MI 48838
Fax: 616-754-6320
Jonathon Wilmot
678 Front St Suite 250
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
(800) 873-7658
Fax: (616) 774-0323
Email: jwilmot@drcwm.org

Regional presence with local groups in Stanton (Traditional Congregational Church), Greenville (Greenville Communty Church), and Sheridan (Central Montcalm Community Church). Website has meeting finder and more specific group information.


The Monday edition of the Daily News (Greenville) publishes a listing of support group meetings for the week.

(616) 225-1995

Provided by Relief After Violent Encounter (RAVE)- Ionia/ Montcalm, Inc.  


The Monday edition of the Daily News (Greenville) publishes a listing of support group meetings for the week.

Amy Stauffer
1401 Van Deinse
Greenville, MI 48838
Fax: 616- 225-4749
Email: astauffer@maisd.com
Roxanne Russell
c/o Ferris Church of Christ
3443 N. Crystal Rd.
Vestaburg, MI 48891
(989) 831-8817
Hours: Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

East Montcalm Baby Pantry provides clothing (up to size 6), diapers, and baby/toddler foods. Furniture is provided as available. Donations are welcomed.  


To be served, you must bring your driver's license, have a child under age 5, and live within certain geographic boundaries (in Gratiot County- you must live West of Warner Road, and in Montcalm County- you must live East of Stevenson Rd. and Wyman Rd). 


The coordinator provided her home phone number (above) because the church office is not always staffed; however, on Tuesdays you can call the church/ Pantry at (989) 268-5551. Contact the Pantry with any questions.

Donald Shepardson
(989) 427-5513
For seniors. The van goes out Mon, Tues, Thurs and they have a 12 mile radius from Edmore that they will travel. They bring seniors in for the meal site at the Curtis center. They go to Alma shopping only if they have a van full.
904 Oak Dr.
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-9315 main#
Fax: (616) 754-9310
Email: tammied@8cap.org

The EightCAP Community Services Program phone number is (616) 754-9315 or toll free 1-800-221-2033. Call this number for all community services programs such as weatherization and energy conservation, eligible tax preparation, emergency assistance, foster grandparent, Early Head Start and Head Start, and senior companion programs. 


Requests about parenting education and classes should be directed to Todd Furlong. His e-mail is toddf@eightcap.org.


Visit EightCAP's website, refer to the EightCAP Community Resource Directory online, or call to learn more about services and programs. 

Nancy Haynes
Executive Director
20 Hall Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Fax: (616) 451-2657
Email: contact-us@fhswm.org
Serves Montcalm and 10 other counties in the region.
3030 S. 9th St., Ste 1A
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
Fax: (269) 492-7198
Email: Fls-michigan@umich.edu

The toll free number is intended for clients.

The regular business number is (269) 492-7190

864 West River Center Dr.
Grand Rapids, MI 49321
(616) 784-3250
This is not a food pantry for the general public. Instead, it is a low-cost source of food items for eligible organizations that either operate food pantries or want to sponsor a local visit by the mobile pantry program (also known as a "food truck").
Department of Human Services- Montcalm County Office
609. N. State St.
Stanton, MI 48888
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 278

Stanton, MI 48888

(989) 831-8400
Fax: (989) 831-8518
Hours: Montcalm DHS office hours are 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

This program supplements the food purchasing power of low-income individuals and families.


Generally, eligibility for the Food Assistance Program (FAP) depends on the financial situation of all members of the household group.


All persons who live together and purchase and prepare food together are considered to be members of the same FAP group.


The website above has details regarding the FAP including a pre-screening tool to check your family's eligibility. 


You can get an assistance application online at the above website or from the Montcalm DHS office at the above address.


After you complete the application, you are encouraged to bring it in person to the DHS Montcalm office at the above address. A Family Independence Specialist or Eligibility Specialist at DHS will accurately determine your family's eligibility for FAP. If the application is mailed in, an interview appointment would still be likely needed after it has been reviewed.


Please feel free to call for additional information at the number above.      

977 Neff Rd.
Stanton, MI 48888
(989) 831-4518
Hours: Monthly on the second Monday from 10am-Noon

Free food distribution. Canned goods, staples, and perishable foods are available to those who need them.


Simple registration is all that is required. At least one member from each family picking up food must be present.


The church is located three miles east of Stanton on Stanton Road, then one mile north on Neff Road. At the corner of Neff and Klees roads.  

500 Cherry St. SE
Grand Rapids, Mi 49503
616 456-6135
Fax: 616 771-9771
3275 Walker Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544
(616) 784-3341
Fax: (616) 784-8187
Barbara Vickery
1015 E. Washington St.
Greenville, MI 48838
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1021

Greenville, MI 48838

(616) 754-7951
Fax: Same
Email: barb@glchopeministries.org

Application and requirements for furniture and household items can be obtained on our website.

Pat Ensing
6772 S. Greenville Rd.
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-0277
Hours: See website for store hours for Greenville and other area stores.
6756 S. Greenville Rd.
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 225-1082
Fax: (616) 225-1315

Veterans Workforce Investment Program addresses the unique needs of veterans seeking employment. Serving Clare, Gladwin, Ionia, Isabella, Mecosta, Montcalm and Oseola Counties. Goodwill assists eligible veterans in a variety of areas relating to job training, placement, and retention with an emphasis on green career fields. Those who have been dishonorably discharged cannot participate. You can also call (231) 206-0127 for more information.

Cari O'Connor
Executive Director
621 New St.
Stanton, MI 48888
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 367

Stanton, MI 48888

(616) 225-6146
Fax: (616) 225-6147
Email: coconnor@ioniaisd.org
Nancy LaMere
Candace Larkin
First United Methodist Church
204 W. Cass St.
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-8532
Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00am-12:00pm; Wednesday from 6:00pm-7:30pm

Food is available on an emergency basis. Must be resident of the Greenville school district and provide two forms of identification.

715 S. Baldwin
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-1658
10087 S. Greenville Rd.
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-7605
Shirley Bullis or Mark Henry
6596 Vining Rd.
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 225-2105
Email: info@gcclink.com
Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00am - 3:00pm
Pick up pre-packaged food box once each month. Valid ID required.
Hilda Sovari
St. Paul's Epsicopal Church
305 S. Clay St.
Greenville , MI 48838
(616) 754-3163
Hours: Tuesdays only. Lunch served from 11:30am-12:30pm and supper from 5:00-6:00pm

At corner of Cass and Clay Streets- enter through East door. Location is wheelchair accessible. Children welcome.

Lorri Brookman
Executive Director
308 E. Oak
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-7179
Fax: (616) 754-1393
Craig Averill
MidMichigan Home Care and Hospice
3007 North Saginaw Rd.
Midland, MI 48640
(989) 633-1463
Hours: Call for information

Stanton office is now closed but still provide services to Eastern half of Montcalm County. MidMichigan Home Care and Hospice offers many grief and loss services. These are provided without charge and are funded in part by United way of Montcalm County.

Greenville Community Church
6596 Vining Rd.
Greenville , MI 48838
Stanton, MI 48888
Hours: Meets on 3rd Mondays, from 1:00 -2:00 pm

Staff from Hospice of Michigan facilitate this support group. Contact Montcalm County Commission on Aging at (989) 831-7476 for additional information. This is open to the public. 

Lakeview, MI 48850
Hours: Meets on 3rd Wednesdays at 12:30pm
Staff from Hospice of Michigan facilitate this support group. Contact the Lakeview Community Wellness Center at (989) 352-7510 for additional information. This is open to the public. 
Brian Greene
124 W. Grove St.
Greenville, MI 48838
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 681

Greenville, MI 48838

(616) 754-5772
Fax: (616) 754-1338
Email: director@montcalmhabitat.org
Karen Morales
1220 N. Lafayette
Greenville, MI 48838
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 244

Gowen, MI 49326

Email: jesusndc@auis.net
Hours: We are open every Thursday and Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM (closed from 12-1 for lunch)

Every one that needs help are welcome.


They need to bring their own boxes or baskets.


The information we need is: Name, Address, Phone #., Drivers Lic. #, and proof of everyone in the house.


And also we do ask for a $2.00 donation to cover the price of food and gas to go get it.


We also have Church Services on both of those days. Please plan on joining us at one of the services.


We also have clothing and some household items.

Faith Baptist Church
315 Greenville West Dr.
Greenville , MI 48838
(616) 754-8384
Fred Plath
210 Edgerton
Howard City, Mi 49329
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 532

Howard City, MI 49329

(231) 937-6758
Email: fred@trumpetsanddoves.com
Martha Gonzalez-Cortes
Chief Executive Officer
1204 Grandville Avenue SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 742-0200
Fax: (616) 742-0205
Email: info@hispanic-center.org
Sister Kit Kaiser
317 Baldie
Ionia, Mi 48846
(616) 527-4129
Fax: (616) 527-3562
Email: kkaiser@dioceseofgrandrapids.org
Gayle Stull
4741 W. Stanton Rd.
Stanton, MI 48888
989-831-5594 church#
Hours: No set hours- call to set appointment

People seeking to use the pantry are asked to always call the church office first as the church does not always have someone there. To set up an appointment, call the church number above or call Gayle at (989) 831-4462. 


The pantry only has non-perishable foods (no milk, bread, or meats)- mostly box and canned goods.


People can only use the pantry once every 35 days.

400 Perry St.
Big Rapids, MI 49307
(231) 796-7371
Fax: (231) 796-4841

Montcalm County is served by the Big Rapids and Grand Rapids offices.


The Grand Rapids office information is as follows:

1260 Ekhart, NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

(616) 454-1426


A grief support group listing is located at www.hom.org/griefschedule.asp


Dawn Kniffen
Karen West
132 E. Edgerton St.
Howard City, MI 49329
(231) 937-5950
Robin August
Contact Person
(989) 235-1005

A support group for relatives (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc...) raising a second family. Are also including persons taking care of their parents. Please contact for future meeting schedule.   

Meeting location:

Mt. Hope United Brethren Church Hall

5011 Mt. Hope Rd.

Carson City, MI 48811

Lakeview Community Church
8980 Howard City-Edmore Rd.
Lakeview, MI 48850
Mailing Address:

Contact Information:

New Life United Methodist Church



(989) 352-7788
Email: newlifeumc@cmsinter.net
Hours: By appointment Monday through Friday, from 9:00am-5:00pm


1. Must show need and identification for person, plus place of residence. 

2. We serve only those within the Lakeview Public School District boundaries.



A balanced box of food and paper products if we have them as well as health and personal items.

Bob Benson
8060 HC-Edmore Rd.
Lakeview, MI 48850
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 170

Lakeview, MI 48850

Free clothing from 1:00-4:00 pm on Thursdays. Call for more information.
Ruth Schottle
115 W. 5th St. (enter on Lincoln Ave)
Lakeview, MI 48850
(989) 352-6022
Hours: Saturdays from 10:00am-12:00pm
Note that donations are taken on Saturdays or by appointment. Do not leave clothes outside the church.  
Kathleen Allen
89 Ionia N.W., Ste 400
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 774-0672 x112
Fax: (616) 774-2412
Email: kallen@legalaidwestmich.net
Rev. Arthur J. Mullen or Linda Mullen
8843 Eastern Ave.
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-7284
Hours: By appointment only
Sonia Noorman
Program Director
1715 Sutherland Dr.
Kentwood, MI 49508-4986
Fax: 1-616-281-4696
Teen Parent Program
11098 M-46
Riverdale, MI 48877
(989) 833-7625
3351 Claystone St., Ste G20
Grand Rapids, Mi 49546
(616) 247-6861
Email: MI630@marchofdimes.com
Tammy McCracken
Program Manager
613 N. State St.
Stanton, MI 48888
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 212

Stanton, MI 48888

(989) 831-7476

Eligibility requires that the person be homebound, unable to prepare their own meals and lack a caregiver to provide meals. Assessments are done by Montcalm County Commission on Aging case managers.

Michigan Works! Service Center
110 S. Greenville West Dr., Ste. 2
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-3611
Fax: (616) 754-2898
Hours: Vary- call for current office hours
648 Monroe NW, Suite 318
Grand Rapids, Mi 49503
Fax: (616) 454-7022
Email: mmlapco@mmlap.com
Constance Ensing
110 S. Greenville West Dr., Ste 2
Greenville , MI 48838
(616) 225-8012
Fax: (616) 754-2898
Email: ensingc@michigan.gov
Don Lehman
County Extension Director
211 W. Main
Stanton, MI 48888
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 308

Stanton, MI 48888

(989) 831-7500
Fax: (989) 831-7515
Email: msue59@msu.edu
114 S. Greenville West Dr.
Greenville , MI 48838
(616) 754-3611
Fax: (616) 754-2898
3007 North Saginaw Rd.
Midland, MI 48640
(989) 633-1463
Stanton office is now closed but they still provide services to Eastern half of Montcalm County.
Michelle Bair
129 E. Main St.
Stanton, MI 48888
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 325

Stanton, MI 48888

(989) 831-8334
Carol Anderson
310 E. Main St.
Stanton, Mi 48888
Email: miracledropincenter@casair.net
504 E. Main St
Edmore, MI 48829
(989) 427-5575
Email: churchmouse833@verizon.net
Hours: Call for appointment

Hours are Wednesdays by appointment.


People must live in Edmore, Blanchard, or McBride (to be served).  

Elaine Crawford
200 W. Judd
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-6359
Fax: (616) 754-1398
Executive Director
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 925

Stanton, MI 48888

(989) 831-3561
Fax: (989) 831-7548
Email: montcalmcasa@8cap.org.

Services are restricted to predetermined children in the legal system but adult volunteers wanting to serve as advocates can inquire about those opportunities  

Tammy Cole
904 Oak Dr.
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-2660

Annual friendly competition food drive to benefit area food pantries. This community-oriented, resource generating event is held to supply food pantries. Donations of cash and food accepted until distribution date. Hunters- inquire about the venison donation program.  

Marilyn Smith
Consultant, Smith Housing Consultants
(734) 341-1866
Fax: (269) 798-5903
Email: ms@smithhousing.com
Mary Ellen Yost
Executive Director
120 Mulberry
Howard City, MI 49329
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 249

Howard City, MI 49329

(231) 937-4241
Fax: (231) 937-4657
John Kroneck
County Coordinator
129 E. Main St.
PO Box 836
Stanton, MI 48888
(989) 831-4591
Fax: (989) 831-5768
Email: JohnKroneck@CherryHealth.com
Sam and Leslie Clark
115 W. Main St.
Carson City, MI 48884
(989) 584-1403
Email: montcalmteencenter@gmail.com
Also on Facebook
United Lifestyles
701 S. Greenville West Drive, Suite 1
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-6185

Regional presence but website has meeting finder.


The Monday edition of the Daily News (Greenville) publishes a listing of support group meetings for the week.

Dr. Scott Koenigsknecht
Montcalm, Ionia and Clinton Counties, MI
Email: nomoresidelines@4wbi.com
VFW Post
209 W. Washington
Sheridan , MI 48884
(989) 291-9680.
Hours: Thurdays 7:30-9:30 am

Operation Friendship weekly free breakfast for veterans and their wives/widows. A gathering of comradeship and fellowship of veterans who may have questions about entitlements available to veterans/widows.

Regional presence but website has meeting finder.


The Monday edition of the Daily News (Greenville) publishes a listing of support group meetings for the week.

Becki Hansen
Greenville Area Senior Center
715 S. Baldwin St.
Greenville , MI 48838
(616) 548-5428
Hours: 12:30 to 2:30 p.m on second Thursday of each month

Local presence in Sheridan. Use website above to get more information.

Erin Roberts
Executive Director
850 E. Lincoln Ave.
Ionia, MI 48846
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 93

Ionia, MI 48846

Fax: (616) 527-4350

Use toll free phone number above as a 24-hour crisis line.


Call (616) 527-3351 for Ionia County Services and Administration. 


Call (616) 225-1995 for Montcalm County Services.

124 W. Grove
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-5772
Get current detailed ReStore information at the Habitat for Humanity website address listed above.
Captains Allen and Karen Hanton
425 Republic St.
Alma, MI 48801
(989) 463-2864
Fax: (989) 463-5818
Commission on Aging
613 N. State St.
Stanton, MI 48888
Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 212

Stanton, MI 48888

(989) 831-7476

Call Commission on Aging to RSVP and confirm. Congregate meal sites and days of operation in Montcalm County are:

• Carson City: Bloomer Township Hall, 217 W. Sherman St. - Wednesdays and Fridays.

• Edmore: Curtis Community Building, 209 Sheldon St. - Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

• Greenville: Friendship House East, 210 E. Oak St. - Mondays through Fridays.

• Howard City: Howard City Action Center, 132 E. Edgerton St. - Mondays through Thursdays.

• Stanton: Montcalm County Commission on Aging headquarters, 613 N. State St. - Mondays through Thursdays.

• Vestaburg: Richland Township Hall, 8755 Third St. - Mondays and Wednesdays. 

(616) 225-1995
Provided by Relief After Violent Encounter (RAVE)- Ionia/ Montcalm, Inc. 
Bill Wright
4010 S. Sheridan Rd.
Sheridan, MI 48884
Hours: By appointment only

Located one mile North of Sheridan.


Contact Director Bill Wright at (989) 831-7721 or the Church Office at (989) 291-3996.

207 N. Clark St.
Township Hall
Six Lakes, MI 48886
Hours: Call for an appointment

Serving Belividere Township. Contact Joan Pitts (989) 365-3745 or June Bush (989) 365-3511.

Charles Smith
505 S. Lafayette
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-4194
Hours: 5-6pm on Thursdays
Hot meal provided. No cost. All welcome.  
Dr. Chris Moran
c/o Stanton Family Chiropractic
806 N. State St.
Stanton , MI 48888
Email: drmoran@charterinternet.com.

Local presence. Information including meeting finder on website above. 


The Monday edition of the Daily News (Greenville) publishes a listing of support group meetings for the week.   

Ruthie Paulson
Regional Manager
75 Applewood Dr., Ste. C
Sparta, MI 49345
(616) 520-4620
Telamon Programs include National Farmworker Jobs Program and Migrant Head Start.
Michelle Collison
Mid-Michigan District Health Department
Ithaca , MI
(989) 875-1026
Hours: Monthly on the 2nd Thursday from 7:00- 8:30 p.m.
The group was started by Michele Collison, RN, a Public Health Nurse for the Mid- Michigan District Health Department and Molly Minnick, MSW, a Social Worker at Gratiot County Mental Health. It addresses pregnancy loss of miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.


Both Collison and Minnick have extensive experience working with parents who have lost a young child. Collison received training on pregnancy loss through Tomorrow’s Child (formally the Michigan SIDS Alliance). In addition to facilitating the group, Michele provides individual grief services and support. 


Minnick has provided individual and group therapy for bereaved parents for over fifteen years. She facilitated a long-standing pregnancy loss support group at Michigan State University and has authored numerous books and articles for grieving parents.


Call for more information.

Jennifer Bouck
Email: toysfortotsmontcalmmi@gmail.com

2010 Information: Hard copy applications are currently available at Department of Human Services in Stanton and local libraries (no electronic versions). Application needs to be postmarked by Friday, December 3. Donations of time, toys, and financial donations are accepted.

Don Pellow
Meeting site: UAW Local #137 Hall
315 W. Charles St.
Greenville , MI 48838
(616) 754-6464
Hours: Meets every other Tuesday at 10am

Open to any unemployed persons.

Linda Farrell, Pantry Coordinator
GALS Women's Group
2050 Second St.
Wyman, MI 49310
(989) 427-3890
Email: ufcc@unitedbyfaith.net

Church phone number is provided above. Alternate phone number is (989) 561-5270. Call to make appointment.

Tom Colburn
United By Faith Christian Church
Wyman, MI
(989) 309-0141
Hours: Monthly, second Thursday, 11:00 am-1:00 pm
Free for seniors ages 55+. Call for more information.
Jodie Faber
Executive Director
701 S. Greenville West Drive, Suite 1
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-6185
Fax: (616) 754-6407
Terry Shek
Area Specialist
1035 E. Michigan Ave, Suite A
Paw Paw, MI 49079
(269) 657-7055
Fax: (269) 657-5324
Email: terry.shek@mi.usda.gov

Comes to Montcalm frequently for appointments.

VFW Post 5065
209 W. Washington St.
Sheridan, MI 48884
(989) 291-9680
Hours: Second Thursday from 9:30am-12:00pm and 1:15-4pm; also by appointment.
Commission on Aging
613 N. State St.
Stanton, MI 48888
(989) 831-7476
Hours: 4th Wednesdays at 10:00 am

Staff from Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired facilitate this support group. Contact Montcalm County Commission on Aging for additional information at phone number above.   

Nicole Long
Executive Director
PO Box 70
Stanton, MI 48888
(989) 289-0910
Email: knlong3@gmail.com
Mid-Michigan District Health Department
615 N. State St.
Stanton, MI 48888
(989) 831-5237,opt 5

Please visit website above for complete program information.

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