County Clerk August 8, 2017 Election Results
August 8, 2017, Election Results

A special election is being held in Crystal Township only for a police protection millage renewal.  Asking for 0.5 mill for 4 years, 2018 through 2021, inclusive.

A special election is also being held in Vestaburg Community School District for two proposals.  Proposal 1, Operating Millage Renewal Proposal.  18 mills on all property, except principal residence and other property exempted by law for 6 years.

Proposal 2, Sinking Fund Millage Proposal.  3 mills for 10 years, 2017 through 2026, inclusive.

Results will be posted when they are received. 

Crystal Township
Registered Voters: 1,892
Total Voters:  228
Voter Turnout:  12%
Yes:   144
No:     84

Vestaburg Community School District
Richland Township Precinct Consolidated
Registered Voters: 2,759
Total Voters:465
Voter Turnout:  16.8%

Proposal 1 Operating Millage
Yes:  284
No:   176

Proposal 2 Sinking Fund:
Yes:  181
No:   280