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8th Judicial Circuit Court

The Circuit Court is supervised by a judge elected to a six year term. Circuit courts are the state's major trial courts. They have general original jurisdiction and appellate review of district and probate court decisions.

Tracy Szymanski
Circuit Court Administrator - Judge Hoort
631 N. State St.
Stanton, MI 48888
Phone: 989 831-7343
FAX: 989 831-7428

Rachelle Thomas
Circuit Court Administrator - Judge Kreeger
631 N. State St.
Stanton, MI 48888
Phone: 989 831-7363
FAX: 989 831-7428
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Partnership for Children
Show Cause
Tax Refund Offset
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Juror's Manual
Representing Yourself
Serving as a Witness
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Institute of Continuing Legal Education
MI Administrative Code
MI Assoc of Processional Court Reporters
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Michigan Supreme Court Opinions
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US Supreme Court Decisions
Judge Hoort's Notebook
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Frequently Asked Questions
Juror's Handbook

This page last updated on 4/15/2013.